Work package 1: Tools to study stromal cell biology
Universiteit Maastricht, Miltenyi Biotec, Probiogen

-Development of Topochips to analyse stroma

-Development of mAbs to analyse stroma

-Develop in vitro human LN microenvironment


Work package 2: Role of stroma in the homeostasis of the immune system
IMM Lisbon, Erasmus MC, IST Austria, IBMC- CNRS, Kantonsspital St Gallen

-Determining requirements for lymphoid organogenesis

-Analyse the role of stroma in activating innate lymphoid cells

-Image chemokine function

-Analyse the role of RANK signalling pathway

-Determine role of stroma in antigen presentation


Work package 3: Role of stroma in infection
University of York, MedImmune

-Analysis of stromal cells in parasitic infection

-Regulation of dendritic cell development and function by bone marrow

-stromal cells during chronic inflammation

-Determine role of vaccine adjuvants in stromal cell function

-Imaging stromal remodelling


Work package 4: Role of stroma in follicular lymphomas and tumour immune Interactions
MedImmune, Universite de Rennes

-Analysis of the role of stroma in follicular lymphoma

-Imaging immune cell activity in tumours

-Analysis of T cells in follicular lymphomas